White Cane Safety Day for people with disabilities of Beni Suef

In the celebration of White Cane Safety Day for people with disabilities of Beni Suef.
Mansour Hassan:
Supporting people with special needs increases the level of determination and will they have.
Sabreen Gamil:
We need faith that we are strong and we will be stronger with your faith in us.
Faculty of Science with Special needs, Beni Suef, organized in cooperation with the community service sector,The environment development, the disability challengers and the Youssef Allam Group.
A special celebration of the International Day of White Cane Safety Day attended by Dr. Mansour Hassan, the University President, Dr. Badr Nabih, Vice President of the University for Community Service sector, and Dr. Hanan Suleiman, Dean of Faculty of Science.With the participation of Blind Football Egypt team (a five side team).

Corporate Social Responsibility

The mobile clinics - The British University

The opening of treatments convoys project in Dentistry College in British University in Egypt. Within the framework of treatment convoys project in Dentistry College in British University in Egypt; Youssef Allam group specialized in Dental sector with cooperation of many entities as the BUE, Zamalek Rotary Club, Housing & Development Bank and Global Telecom has opened a project for Special Medical Service as well as taking a part in preparing a mobile medical unit.The project attended by:Mr. Professor Dr. Ahmed Hamad, the British University president. Mr. Professor Dr. Tarek Abbas, Dean of Dentistry College in BUE. Youssef Allam participated with its experience in technical support to the project, designing the mobile clinics, importing devices and providing training. The college aims for making a wide renaissance at all levels environmental and social ones. The group also seeks to provide special medical services to unable classes. The BUE gives special thanks to all entities who participated in this good deed for their cooperation in preparing and offering the clinic. The entities are: Zamalek Rotary Club, Housing & Development Bank, Global Telecom And Youssef Allam Group for medical solutions.

Magdy Yacoub Heart Foundation

Participate in funding the new international medical center in Aswan, creating a biomedical knowledge base to be exported to the world at large. Offer Technical support for Esaote medical equipment.

Paper Recycling with Resala Association

At Papyrus Paper Factory At Head Quarters The recycling program is in affiliation with Resala Association Recycled paper is sold; proceeds are donated to orphan children. Through this affiliation, Youssef Allam Group supports the human cause as well as the environment in Egypt.

Youssef Allam Design Competition - Helwan University

The competition aims to motivate Print Media students in stretching their learning capabilities while fulfilling the real market demands. The first design competition was held in the year 2000 in Print Media section, faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University. The winning team was awarded a trip to Heidelberg to watch live demo of state-of-the-art printing machines. In the year, this competition was revived, with focus on integrated campaign. Youssef Allam Group ended up sending two teams to Drupa 2012 as winning teams, for their outstanding submissions.At Drupa, a tour and live demo of Heidelberg printing machine was set for the winners as well as meeting with Heidelberg senior management.

Career Weekend

German university in Cairo Nov-2012

Teachers Forum seminar 2012 - PMAC

Teachers Forum seminar, held at PMAC, aims at providing instructors in the field of print media with up-to-date information about modern printing technologies, techniques and trends. It is conducted by a professional instructor from Heidelberg, who is originally trained as a print media designer and worked in the publishing industry for several years. The seminar exceeded my expectations and it was really beneficial. “ Dr. Mona Abo Tabl, head of Print Media section, Helwan University.

A success story between Heidelberg and the African House for Printing the Glorious Qur'an.

Aiming to solve the problem of the large deficit in copying the Glorious Qur'an in Africa, African House for Printing the Glorious Qur'an signed a contract with Heidelberg in North Africa, Sudan to buy the latest printing machine in the world Offset SX102-4-P. This event was attended by the ambassador of Qatar/ Rashed bin Abdulrahman Alnaimi and the Adviser of the Minister of Endowment in Qatar Dr. Kalifah bin Jasim Alkwari; and Dr. Hamzah Alshaikh Mohamed Saleh as a representative of African House for Printing the Glorious Qur'an; and Eng. Adel Allam as the only representative of Heidelberg in North and East Africa. The Qatari ambassador in Sudan, Rashed bin Abdulrahman Alnaimi said during the signing protocol that the machine will increase the production. He also confirmed that Qatar is highly concerned with supporting Sudan in all fields hoping the continuity of cooperation between the two countries. The African House for Printing the Glorious Qur'an is an international charitable organization established in 1994 contributing to the service of Holy Qur'an, printing and providing it to millions of Muslims in Africa. The House was opened in 2001 in Sudan for its geographical location and history in Africa. "The printing machine was a dream for the house as it will increase the production to reach three million Holy Qur'an in the year to be spread in African that is in an urgent need of it" The managing director of The African House for Printing the Glorious Qur'an Dr. Hamza AL Shaikh Mohamed Saleh assured that the advanced level of Heidelberg machine gives the house high printing power that enables coping with increased demands of the Holy Qur'an in Africa. From his side, Eng. Adel Allam has undertaken to continue supporting the house in technical, training and maintenance sides; and standing alongside with the house in providing new printing machines promising with more cooperation in the future through the company's branch in Sudan under the management of Eng. Osama Ashour.

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