Paper Services

We invest our resources towards service innovation in order to satisfy our customers, which set us apart from competition. Creation, deployment and application of customized business processes differentiate our customer experience.


Service Innovation 

Service starts at the customer’s side. Real innovation begins by looking at a product or service in novel ways from the consumer’s perspective. It involves the revolutionary concept of "thinking like a customer". The first great leap we take in service innovation is to change the focus of interaction from serving the organization to serving the customer.

What we offer:

- Wide scale of photocopying paper, different weights, sizes, prices & brands

- High response time

- Same-day delivery service

- KPI Report on monthly basis; monitors and records deliveries of goods that took place during the month.

- Goods storage; in case there are no stores at the end user site

- Multiple types of contracts

- Multiple credit durations

- Different communication channels; Inbound calls, fax, emails, & website

- Follow-up process


Our edge in Service delivery is inspired by the letters of the word “DELIVERY”

D – E – L – I – V – E – R – Y

D: DEDICATION:  To customer inquiries & requests by putting them as the highest priority

E: EMPOWERMENT: Of employees by the availability of the necessary infrastructure and tools which enable them to execute service operations at an acceptable level. Employees are also empowered with relevant knowledge and training to enhance their ability to anticipate customer needs and follow best practices.

L: LINKAGE OR CONNECTION: Officials involved in the service delivery process at all levels work together as a team. This is reflected on the customer relationship in a form of integration and unified approach.

I: INFORMATION: Officials are informed how to handle queries; where to find relevant information and how to solve problems efficiently and effectively.

V: VALUED: Public officials ensure that each member of the public feels valued.

E: EXCELLENCE: We strive for excellence in service delivery. Excellence is not an act, but a habit, so we install and enforce a culture of excellence in all elements of the service operations.

R: REPRESENTATION: Service teams are aware that they represent the entire organization. They are constantly reminded of the value of this representation and its reflection on the Group’s image. Thus, they adhere to the highest levels of commitment and reliability in serving the customers.

Y: YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: Every service official is ready to take ownership of his/her responsibility and understand the importance of creating a favourable impression. This falls in the employee’s, organization’s and customers’ best interest.