Paper Products

Being the market leader in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East, Youssef Allam Paper is capable of providing whatever type of Paper you need to satisfy your business needs. Whether your business is in the field of packaging or in the field of Newspapers & Magazines Press, we cover your scope.

When it comes to photocopying, choice of good paper quality is equally important to the choice of good printing machine, fax machine, copier or inkjet printer for the production of a hassle free, clear and a high definition document. Smooth, high opacity, accurately cut paper of the right thickness and whiteness lie among the top criteria you need to check to preserve your investment in equipment. Youssef Allam Paper provides you with a range of quality, produced under controlled humidity, multipurpose paper to choose from.  


Fine Paper:

Woodfree Printing Paper – Youssef Allam warehouses are home to the widest range of W/F paper specs you can find including a variety in terms of whiteness, brightness, grammage, and cut to whatever size your press requires.

Photocopy Paper – supplying only the world’s leading brands, Youssef Allam remains true to its reputation as the region’s largest high quality paper importer.


Packaging Paper:

Paperboard – Customizable sizes, all grammages and continuous supply. As expected of the Middle East’s largest paper importer.


Publication Paper:

Coated Paper – Dealing only with suppliers who commit to quality, Youssef Allam provides print houses with best coated paper only. Always in stock and always delivered on time.

Newsprint paper – tens of thousands of tons of newsprint are imported yearly from all over the northern hemisphere of our planet to keep our local newspapers printing daily. They rely on us and we are proud to serve them.