New Partnership

Intec Printing Solutions

Youssef Allam Group is pleased to announce our new partnership with Intec Printing Solutions. We are the sole and exclusive dealer in Egypt and Libya and non-exclusive in Sudan and Southern Sudan. New production opportunities and significantly improved quality in digital printing have led to big changes on the print media market in recent years. Thanks to its lower costs, easier access, confidentiality , and perfect quality.



Digital Color Printing

  1. Digital color printers that offers high quality and large volume printing.
  2. Unbeatable cost per print savings against rival digital color printers.
  3. Fantastic print quality, glossy, rich and vivid color.
  4. Output onto 75 to 400gsm/micron media.
  5. Meeting all the expected media requirements which makes it ideal for marketing departments, graphic arts professionals, photography studios, advertising agencies and print companies where imaging cost is paramount to the creation of accessible high quality print.
  6. Professional finishing options easily and quickly create booklets and print that require folding, hole punching, saddle stitching, collation, offset stacking and multi-position stapling.
  7. Print paper size from A6 up to SRA3 and banner lengths up to 1.2 meters.