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IMPAX HeartStation ECG Management System:

Vendor-neutral, comprehensive data management solution that automates the processing and storage of electrocardiograms (ECGs) throughout the healthcare enterprise.

When Cardiology departments want to improve their workflow, their intention is to improve the patient's experience. With a transparent information flow, and the relevant data accessible at the right time, i.e. at the moment of the procedure, patients spend less time in the department and get faster treatment - all resulting in a higher satisfaction.

IMPAX HeartStation ECG data management solution boosts your facility's productivity by making it easier and faster to display, edit, confirm, print and archive ECGs. It speeds decision making for patient care by including ECGs as part of the patient's web-accessible cardiology record.

With IMPAX HeartStation, you can use your preferred cardiograph equipment to dramatically improve access to ECG exams throughout the secure hospital network, wherever it extends. From the emergency department to outpatient care, it offers solutions for your ECG challenges.


Diagnostic and Clinical Applications

IMPAX Orthopaedic Tools 2.10

- Modular toolbox for orthopaedic surgery planning, measurements and analysis.

- Maximizing the impact of IMPAX for orthopaedics

- IMPAX Orthopaedic Tools' integrated set of pre-operative tools for the IMPAX workstation fulfils the evolving needs of filmless medical imaging facilities. Integrating the IMPAX Orthopaedic Tools modules with the already feature-rich IMPAX orthopaedic workstation creates a center of image-based information for most orthopaedic specialties.

- True-size scaling of the digital image. With the scaling function, available in all modules, the orthopaedic surgeon no longer needs to work with standard magnification factors for acetate templates. With digital image processing, any magnification factor can be compensated for by calibrating the image using a reference marker in the image itself.

- A full toolkit for orthopaedic surgery. IMPAX Orthopaedic Tools offers digital templating for all major joints, and much more. It also features specific tools for calculating the optimal point of rotation for hip implants, supports planning and simulation of limb deformity corrections, facilitates complex measurements of the paediatric hip and has a Trauma module which allows the surgeon to simulate the reduction of complex fractures. IMPAX Orthopaedic Tools comes with a library of digital templates from over 50 different implant manufacturers for all the different application modules.

Integration that makes a difference

IMPAX Orthopaedic Tools is fully integrated with IMPAX display software, offering all the IMPAX benefits. Planning images and data are saved on the IMPAX and available on the high quality color monitors of any workstation, during surgery and afterwards. The image viewing and manipulation tools in IMPAX assist the surgeon to work more efficiently, and planning and measurement tools can be launched with a single mouse click. Multi-modality displays allow direct comparison of a range of the patient's images, in the doctor's office or in the OR. The images, along with all calculations and planning details, can be stored with the patient's medical record.


IMPAX Virtual Colonoscopy

- Integrated tool for virtual colonoscopy

- Increased productivity

- CT colonography (CTC) is less time consuming than conventional colonoscopy. While conventional colonoscopy typically takes between 30 and 60 minutes, CTC procedure takes only about 10 minutes. This results in better utilization of the imaging infrastructure and medical staff. IMPAX Virtual Colonoscopy is the natural extension to CTC. This advanced image processing tool shows the entire colon, regardless of any narrow or obstructed areas, which lowers the risk for complications like injury or perforation of the colon wall.

- Software that works for you. Once you have started the IMPAX Virtual Colonoscopy application, the software will automatically segment the colon and calculate the fly-through path. This will only take a few seconds. Next, manually add or delete segments as required and you are ready to start reading.

- Depending on your preferences, you can look at prone or supine acquisitions or at both simultaneously. Manually turn the virtual camera around to inspect hidden areas or zoom in on details and mark, annotate and classify suspected lesions for reporting and further follow-up.

- Available reading views include a 3D endoscopic fly through mode, MPR reconstructions, cross-curve MPR, a colon roadmap and a 3D volume of interest.

- Report your findings quickly. IMPAX Virtual Colonoscopy is more than an advanced image processing tool. It also comes with a reporting module that helps you to collect your findings in a structured report, including C-RAD and E-RAD classification of the lesions and corresponding snapshots of the images. This report can be saved in IMPAX as a set of images or as a DICOM Structured Report.


Data Center

- IMPAX Data Center: The key to progressively managing data across the enterprise

- Agfa HealthCare Clinical Data Center provides a model for the next-generation data center. It transcends storage to offer the critical building block for the EMR and improved, patient-centric care.

- IMPAX Data Center isa scalable and fault tolerant enterprise or regional imaging management solution that can store imaging data from many departmental imaging systems, as well as from disparate hospital PACS systems. It has been developed especially for large, multi-site and multi-facility healthcare enterprises.

- IMPAX Data Center aggregates clinical DICOM data objects, including DICOM encapsulated non-imaging objects such as waveforms, structured reports and PDFs, and non-DICOM data objects via XDS. Hence, IMPAX Data Center provides a single source of longitudinal patient imaging information.

- IMPAX Data Center works with any storage system with industry standard storage interfaces. And as storage capacity can be added without disruption or downtime, you can match your capacity to your current requirements and easily add to it as your needs grow.


XERO Technology Viewer

- An enterprise medical image viewer, allowing clinicians to access imaging information securely and independent of location, on a variety of web-enabled devices.

- Clinical users today increasingly need access to medical images from a variety of locations and image sources across the enterprise. Yet with image sizes increasing exponentially and the increasing need for advanced viewing software, which requires installation per workstation, has meant that many enterprises have not yet taken this important step.

- With XERO Technology Viewer, you can now access imaging information regardless of where you are. All you need is an Internet browser and a simple network connection, with no need to install any form of client software.

- XERO Technology Viewer helps meet the challenge of extending the electronic medical record (EMR) or electronic health record (EHR) to include support for all medical images and related information. The goal is to provide physicians with point-of-care access to the longitudinal patient record.


Direct Radiography (DR)

DX-D 100

Mobile DR system offering instant imaging excellence for immediate validation wherever needed, from the ICU to the wards.


DX-D 100 with wireless detector

Mobile DR system with wireless detector offering fast imaging that can be validated immediately wherever needed, from the ICU to the wards.


DX-D 300

Flexible, floor-mounted DR system with fully motorized U-arm offering imaging excellence and easy positioning for a broad range of X-ray studies.


DX-D 400

Scalable, affordable, floor-mounted direct radiography system offering imaging excellence


DX-D 500

Ceiling-suspended, high-productivity DR system with two detectors and very fast cycle times, offering imaging excellence.


DX-D 600

High-productivity, ceiling-suspended, fully motorized, direct radiography system offering imaging excellence and state-of-the-art design in three configuration options


DX-D 10

Digital detector offering general radiography facilities high-quality Direct Digital imaging while maximizing the use of existing equipment.


DX-D 20

Portable digital detector with handle for easy use, offering general radiography facilities high-quality Direct Digital imaging while maximizing the use of existing equipment.


DX-D 30C

Wireless digital detector, offering general radiography facilities high-quality Direct Digital imaging while maximizing the use of existing equipment.



Computed Radiography (CR)

CR 30-X

- Compact, tabletop digitizer for computed radiography where space is limited or in mobile environments.

- The CR 30-X digitizer for computed radiography (CR) is a compact, tabletop digitizer for decentralized CR environments. It combines high image quality with high throughput. Easy to install, use and maintain, it provides seamless integration, from X-ray exposure to print or softcopy.

- Using dedicated cassettes that are inserted horizontally; the CR 30-X requires minimal space and easily integrates in vans, trucks and other mobile facilities, or other places where space is an issue.

- CR 30-X offers an ideal solution for private and decentralized CR environments, including decentralized hospital departments, orthopaedics, chiropractics, military and veterinary applications.


CR 35-X

- Very versatile, small footprint digitizer for decentralized computed radiography environments.

- CR 35-X is a highly versatile small footprint digitizer that is specially designed for decentralized CR environments.

- The CR 35-X digitizer for is a very versatile, small footprint digitizer for decentralized CR (computed radiography) environments. With application-specific plates and cassettes, it can be used in a variety of modalities, including general radiology, orthopaedics, dental and pediatrics.

- Optional kits make it suitable for use in even more locations, including the X-ray room and mobile use. It can also be the perfect complement to your existing centralized CR systems.


CR 85-X

- Multi-user, multi-application digitizer with compact footprint, for centralized computed radiography environments.

- The CR 85-X digitizer with unique drop-and-go buffer and three resolution modes maximizes productivity for the complete range of clinical applications.

- The CR 85-X digitizer for CR (computed radiography) is designed as a high-throughput, centralized system. It features a unique drop-and-go buffer that eliminates waiting times and maximizes productivity. While its compact footprint takes little space, it can be accessed by two users at the same time: one at the input buffer and one at the output buffer, further improving the workflow.

- When you use CR 85-X as a central digitizer in the radiology department, multiple examination rooms can be supported.

- It can handle a variety of modalities, including general radiology, orthopedics-extremities, dental, pediatrics and mammography (outside US only).



- Digitizer that supports both standard phosphor plates and needle-based detectors, for the next generation in computed radiography (CR). DX-M is ideal for a broad range of applications including mammography and general radiography.

- Digitizer supporting both standard phosphor plates and needle-based detectors.



- Digitizer supporting both standard phosphor plates and needle-based detectors, for the next generation in computed radiography (CR). DX-G is ideal for a broad range of applications.

- Digitizer supporting both standard phosphor plates and needle-based detectors



Hard copy imaging


- Tabletop, large media size, direct digital imager designed for a decentralized workflow.

- Excellent reliability, minimum maintenance

- The DRYSTAR 5300 offers all the benefits of direct digital Imaging. This solid-state technology avoids the use of complex optical components, making the imager reliable and durable by design. Moreover, DRYSTAR 5300 is ecological and user-friendly. No more wet processing, no darkroom, no complicated adjustments or cleaning procedures. Environmentally harmful chemicals, water handling and disposal costs are things of the past.

- Easy connectivity for maximum flexibility

- DRYSTAR 5300 is a DICOM-native imager, which makes network connectivity easy. For point-to-point connection with non-DICOM modalities.



- Tabletop, multi-format, direct digital imager designed for a decentralized workflow.

- DRYSTAR 5302 is designed for decentralized environments. Its small footprint allows convenient, next-to-application installation, even in the most space-restricted environments. Despite its compact size, DRYSTAR 5302 features two media sizes on-line, with five media sizes available.

- Through its intelligent matching of direct digital Imaging technology, media and imager, DRYSTAR 5302 is designed to stand at the heart of our integrated solutions. Combined with state-of-the-art DRYSTAR DT2 media, diagnostic quality grey scale hardcopies of the highest standard are delivered time after time.



- Multi-format, multi-modality, high-resolution, high-throughput direct digital imager streamlining the workflow in centralized environments.

- DRYSTAR 5503 is a high-throughput, high-resolution, triple media-size direct digital imager. Ideal for centralized workflow, it is easy to network too, helping you meet your goal of increasing departmental productivity. Its versatility makes it capable of handling a variety of printing tasks from different sources quickly and reliably.

- The direct digital Imaging technology used by DRYSTAR 5503 is not only clean, fast and environmentally-friendly; it is also one of the best ways of translating the high-resolution capability of 508 ppi at a spot size of 50 µm to a final image. Every pixel in the image is fully software-controlled for virtually flawless and consistent image quality.



- Tabletop imager for digital radiography that fits any type of facility and supports a range of applications.

- Despite its compact size, DRYSTAR AXYS offers many possibilities. It has a small footprint and two on-line media trays that can handle a variety of media in different sizes. Supporting a broad range of applications, including CT, MR, DSA and US, as well as CR/DR applications for general radiography, orthopaedics, dentistry, etc., it was the first tabletop imager to print mammography images.

- These features make it ideal for both centralized and decentralized environments. It works equally well in both smaller facilities with limited space and lower patient volume, and larger facilities with many departments.

- Like all DRYSTAR imagers, the DRYSTAR AXYS comes with our Direct Digital Imaging (DDI) technology enhanced with A#Sharp for consistent and sharper image quality across all applications.

- DRYSTAR AXYS is designed to be used with DRYSTAR DT2 media in blue and clear base, and DRYSTAR DT 2 Mammo.


Surgical Procedure Sets

- With the increase in infectious diseases, the importance of microbial barriers during surgery has become a real priority. Our SEPARIO single-use drapes and gowns help protect your personnel and your patients, through their unique design and properties.

- Hence we provide you with all what you need as for surgical procedure sets including:

  • Gowns
  • Surgical Sets


Conventional Imaging & Processing

  • Chemicals
  • ID Cameras
  • Mammography Films
  • Medical Screen Films
  • Processors
  • Screens & Cassettes


Intervention Radiology

Vena Cava Filter 

- Conical shape – low occlusivity

- 3 centering legs

- 6 anchorage legs

- No welding – prevents any break

- Stainless steel

- Presented in its final special form

- Easy and safe introduction

- Suitable for a vena cava up to 32mm in diameter

- The filter is cone-shaped

- The upper level provides an active anchorage

- The lower level consists of three legs providing the centering