Medical Solutions




Stemming from a competitive advantage in image processing, Youssef Allam Medical Solutions became the sole agent of Agfa Healthcare in Egypt since in 1972, and expanded its representation into Africa since 2010. Youssef Allam Medical Solutions provides innovative solutions in the field of Cardiology and Endovascular through MMG “Middle East Medical Group“ which was co-founded in 2006. Youssef Allam Medical Solutions and Neusoft start their partnership in 2010. In 2012, the company enriched its product portfolio with a sole agency from Chirana for Dental Equipment in Egypt as well as a sole agency from Hexacath for Cardiac Stenting in Egypt since 2012.


Today, Youssef Allam Medical Solutions provides the best specialized medical solutions, while offering premium services, to the Egyptian healthcare sector. With a team of 50 certified and enthusiastic members in different specialties, and a number of medical doctors assigned to the board, Youssef Allam Medical Solutions stands out with medical solutions which suit your needs for today and the near future.