Analog Archiving Solutions


Staude Hybrid archiv camera

    • The Hybrid archiv camera scans 100/200/300/600 dpi in color simplex and duplex A5 up to A3 documents – long documents too.
    • It can be used on one hand as a single appliance scanner or filming camera and on the other hand with both functions.
    • It enables both comfortable managing of your digital images in the network and safely stored analog images on microfilm.

        Zeutchel OK 400 & OK 401

    • The OK 400 & OK 401 modular camera system sets completely new standards, combining efficient productivity gains with attractive ease of operation.
    • A unique feature is the digitally controlled “intelligent” book holder system. This allows even the most difficult of originals to be simply and conveniently scanned, with high levels of document care.
    • You can navigate by simply touching the screen.
    • OK 400 is max. 1350 x 960 mm (>A0/E-size)
    • OK 401 is max. 1080 x 710 mm (>A1/D-size)
    • It has internal diagnostics


        Zeutchel Microfilm reader OL 2 & OL 3

    • High quality universal readers OL of modular design for heavy duty performance.
    • Great variety of precise film carriers and transports for all microforms, very easy to change and rotating 360 degrees.
    • High image resolution, very good illumination – also screen edges – and equipped with a “quick change” lens slide device for one, two or three lenses.
    • OL 2 screen size 420 x 300 mm, DIN A2 / C size
    • OL 3 screen size 598 x 420 mm, DIN A3 / B size


        Agfa COPEX FP 500

    • The COMPEX FP 500 microfilm processor complies with all relevant technical safety regulations; Ease of use, low maintenance and high performance

        Microform Film Processor FP 505

    • The film processor is a fully automated deep-tank developing system equipped with a fully electronic control and monitoring system with a multifunctional operator terminal. This enables precision control not only of the optimum developer temperature but of the desired transport speed and developing time for the film or of the fixing heater as the basis for perfect and totally reliable film processing for archiving requirements.
    • A functional design resulting from many years of experience, the strong structure made of materials suitable for laboratory use (such as stainless steel and chemicals-resistant plastics), and the high production quality guarantee a long service lifetime and maximum reliability of the FP 505 film processor even under the toughest of production conditions.


        Zeutchel OS 15000

    • The OS 15000 is an on back book scanner which is scanned very carefully from the top. Simply turn the page after every scan.
    • It has an extraordinary design, delivers excellent scan quality, and very easy to use
    • No need to worry about distorted letters in the book fold or in cracked originals; it is automatically straightened by its software, as are original documents that are positioned askew.
    • You can see every scan in advance on the display.
    • Data can be output in all standard image formats.

High speed microfilm scanners:

        Sunrise Apollo

    • It is a new generation of 3-in-1 Microfilm Scanners
    • It is Dual stream, True output resolution, Selectable camera resolution, Upgradeable, and Module interchangeability.
    • Apollo microfilm scanners incorporate the latest in computing hardware. All models come with an integrated computer, running Microsoft® Windows operating system.
    • It consists of a Base Unit which includes, computer, software, scanner controls, camera and light source.
    • A rollfilm, fiche or aperture card module completes the system for any type of microfilm to be scanned.

        Sunrise Apollo HS

    • It is new generation of 3-in-1 Microfilm Scanners
    • It is Dual stream, True output resolution, Selectable camera resolution, Upgradeable, and Module interchangeability.
    • The Apollo HS scanner does everything faster, with more control, which maximizes productivity.
    • It offers the ability to scan all three film types – microfiche, rollfilm and aperture cards – with a single scanner.
    • Productivity-enhancing software for the scanner system architecture now has the ability to deliver the highest throughput of any scanner in the industry.

Film Archive Writers:

        Staude Digi-fiche

    • The Staude digi-fiche is a perfect partner for your long-term archive.
    • It is fully and automatically converts your digital data to micro fiche.
    • It creates the microfiches directly after scanning or import your digital documents, which have been already stored on any storage medium, by means of the archiving software.
    • It handles nearly all digital formats (up to A3 images) and can be adapted to your existing archive.
    • The micro fiches remain readable for hundreds of years (long-term storage), when properly processed (by using the special Staude film-chem-kit) and stored under controlled conditions.

        Staude File converter

    • The Staude file-converter 16/35 produces an analog backup of your digital business documents. There is no more need for migration of your electronic archive as microfilm is totally independent of software and hardware.
    • Microfilm, produced properly and kept under right conditions, has a minimum life expectancy of 100 years. In addition it is fake proof against viruses or worms and cannot be manipulated by hackers.
    • It can handle all kinds of image files such as TIFF, JPEG, PDF, etc. in bitonal, grey scale or color. The converting process is reliable and provides excellent image quality.

        Zeutchel Microfilm Plotter OP 500

    • With the ArchiveWritter OP 500 all digital data can be archived easily and fast on microfilm for long term preservation.
    • It preserves all native digital data (CAD, e-Mail, Word, Excel, etc.) and digitized data (scanned documents, images, etc.)
    • It is easy in operation


Youssef Allam Media storage also provides the following products as a part of our Analog Archiving Solutions:

- Densitometers 

- Splicers

- Printers

- Film archive writers