Letter from CEO

In 1948, my father -Youssef Allam- started the Youssef Allam paper company with the goal of delivering the highest quality paper while building and maintaining great and lasting relationships with his customers.

More than 65 years later, his guiding principles still hold true. In return, Youssef Allam group has become one of the leading distributors of a wide range of products and services in the MENA region.

Over the years, our commitment to superior customer service and becoming a solution based company meant establishing new business lines and adding new products and services. Our business lines include Integrating Printing Solutions, Digital Printing Solutions, Media Storage, Resins and Machinery, Medical Solutions and of course Paper.

Youssef Allam Group has a dedicated and committed services and technical support team ready to assist our customers with their daily challenges. Our engineers and support technicians are all fully trained and qualified to provide services and support on all our products.

Today, despite the economic challenges on a local and global scale, we are still responding to our customer's unique and challenging needs. We are striving to continually develop our capabilities internally and externally by streamlining our businesses, developing the next generation of leaders and growing our human capital. We are developing and expanding into multiple market segments with the goal of offering the best products and superior services to help our customers succeed. For example Youssef Allam Group added a call center to our Customer Service department in order to provide information, close repeat sales and help serve our customers in a timely manner.

As we look forward to coming years, we are well-positioned to continue executing our growth agenda, which include geographic expansion, product innovation and strategic investments. Youssef Allam Group expanded its services to numerous sectors such as the Banking, multinationals, advertising agencies, in-plants, training centers and the small and medium enterprises when it comes to machining, paper and equipment among others.

Finally, I would like to thank our customers and suppliers who gave us the opportunity to be part of their success; and last but not least, our dedicated team for their effort in making this a reality.