About Youssef Allam Group

Youssef Allam had a vision to revolutionize the paper trade in Egypt. In 1948, he seized the opportunity to establish a paper trade company; the first of its kind in the region, serving Egypt and the Middle East.

Youssef Allam was able to lead the paper trade in Egypt in a short period after it has been dominated by foreign traders who sold it to the Egyptian Market at unfair prices. Youssef Allam had a clear vision on how to provide the alternative and was able to lead paper trade in Egypt and was able to save the industry, thus was named the "King of Paper" for his great achievements.

By the year 1968, Youssef Allam expanded the business to introduce offset printing presses to the country; becoming the representative of Heidelberg, the leading printing solution in Germany.

With the rise of digital printing, the group started integrating digital and offset printing in order to modernize the printing presses in Egypt, while capitalizing on their existing systems. Over the years, Youssef Allam Group expanded to provide everything a print house could possibly need, along with serving other industries as well. The group is now successfully operating in 6 lines of business, namely Paper, Integrated Printing Solutions, Digital Printing Solutions, Media Storage, Resins & Machinery, and Medical Solutions.